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Fexting™: Food logging made simple

Fext™ is an automated food logging system that utilizes a text message to track your nutrition.

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What is Fext™?

Food logging made simple.

10x Faster
Food Logging

Text what you ate and Fexter tracks your calories and macros.

Time Saver

Logging your food takes less than 30 seconds.

To Use

No prior knowledge about calories or macronutrients is needed. Fext™ will take care of all that for you.

Good Habits

Simplistic food tracking allows you to track your food, weight, and portion size to achieve any body composition goals.


Food tracking can improve weight loss results by up to 50%.


Fext™ will help you stay on track by letting you know how much food you can still eat without going over your daily limit.

Body Weight
& Fat Tracking

Text your morning weight in to Fext™ and keep track of your body weight and bodyfat

& Reports

Your personalized dashboard allows you to see all of the meals, body measurements, trends and more.


Don't take our word for it... listen to what others have to say.

"With all the traveling I have to do, fext™ makes it unbelievably easy for me to stay on track with my macros and my nutrition goals. I love fast and easy, so fext is the perfect tool for me."

TJ Bell Entrepreneur | Racecar Driver

"Fext™ is quick, simple, and easy. It allows me to focus more on my training by making sticking to my macros easy and seamless."

Kerstin "Tinkerbell" Gries CrossFit Games Athlete

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Fext costs only $6.99 or less per month