Sometimes you might want see your results on a web browser. For this reason we created the Fext Console. Go to and log in using the email (or cellphone) and password that you used to set up your account.

If you are using your phone, once you are logged in you can select the option to save Fext to your homescreen. This will make the Fext Console easy to access with just the touch of button. Remember to change the name to Fext!

From the console you can see all the information that you have been entering with your text messages.

The Dashboard shows your current day macronutrient breakdown, daily macronutrient graph, current body weight and body weight progress chart, current body fat percentage and body fat percentage progress chart, and your daily food log.

You can also use the console to log meals. The food and body metric bar will be at the top of the page at all times. It is as easy to use as a text message. Just type in what you ate, hit enter, and confirm the entry by clicking “Save Food Data”.

The Console Menu:


Use the Dashboard for all your daily information and body metric progress

The Food Log

All of your previous days are stored here. You will see your daily macros plus the ability to see the details of what you ate


See your current macro settings and make any desired changes


View your account profile and billing information


Access this help page


Logout of your account